Workshops For Reception & Yr 1

This page contains a few examples of the workshops for Reception & Y1 children. Whether your class is learning about Pet animals, sorting animals into groups, night time animals or the rainforest, there is something for everyone. If you would like to choose the animals that visit your class, this is fine too, just enquire about a Pick and Mix Workshop and we can give you more information.

NewCrazy Critters
Meet some of our weird and wonderful animals. Learn all about them while touching and holding them. Includes Sugar Gliders, Millipedes, Tree frogs, White Faced Owl and many more!

Learn about a variety of pet animals, you can choose our Cute & Fluffy selection or  mix it up a bit with some more exotic animals.

Look at, touch and hold a selection of amazing Minibeasts that you won’t find in your garden! Learn about the groups they can be put into and what makes each group different.

Jesse the Barn Owl and his Night Time Friends
The perfect workshop to link in with the ‘Owl Babies’ story. The children will get to meet Jesse our Beautiful Owl, Snuffles the hedgehog and many more nocturnal animals. The children can touch and hold the animals and ask any questions they may have.

Animals of the Rainforest
Your class can touch and hold animals that would be found in the jungle. A workshop full of Giant Snails, Snakes, Spider, Millipede and our extra special Sugar Gliders.

Identifying Animals
Meet lots of vertebrate animals (animals with bones), find out which groups they can be put into while having lots of fun, holding and touching them. Includes Mammal, Reptiles, Birds and Amphibians!

Pick & Mix
Create your own workshop, choose any 8 animals from the ‘Meet the Animals’ page of the website. We will bring these along for the children to touch, hold and learn about.

Paws, Claws & Whiskers
Meet a selection of cute and fluffy animals. Have a close look at their Paws, Claws and tickley whiskers. Learn about what they eat, where they would live in the wild and how to care for them!