Workshops For KS2, 3 & 4

Whether your students are looking at Nocturnal Animals, Classifying Animals, Food chains and Webs or Habitats, we have these fantastic workshops for suitable for older children and young adults. If you prefer to choose the animals that come to visit just enquire about our Pick and Mix workshop for more information.

Nocturnal Animals
A very popular workshop! Meet, touch and hold a selection of animals that come out at night. Look at their senses and learn why they are active in the dark! This workshop is available as a one hour session, 90 minute or 2 extended workshop. Upto 35 children can take part.

Living things and their habitats
A fantastic workshop where pupils will be introduced to the idea that all living things have certain characteristics that are essential for keeping them alive and healthy. The children can touch and hold a selection of living things and learn about the habitats in which they are found in the wild. It looks at the Rainforest, Desert, Woodland and Mountain habitats.

Classifying Animals
Take a closer look at why we put animals into groups. Meet some Vertebrate animals and some Invertebrate animals. Learn what makes each group different.

Food Chains
Meet a selection of animals, learn what they eat, whether the forage or hunt, how they hunt and catch their prey. This workshop allows children to meet Carnivores, Herbivores and Omnivores. It helps them to understand terms such as Consumers and Producers.

Pick & Mix
Create your own workshop, choose any 8 animals from the ‘Meet the Animals’ page of the website. We will bring these along for the children to touch, hold and learn about.


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