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осциллограф dso 068 инструкция
У dso 068 с этим все в порядке Теперь пора разобраться с органами управления. Разъема у нас два — вход для осциллографа и выход со встроенного генератора сигнал
осциллограф dso 068 инструкция; the board is a counterfeit. Users are urged to refrain from purchasing counterfeit DSO138 kits to avoid helping a thief. If you unintentionally purchased counterfeit DSO138 you are strongly encouraged to report the seller to eBay, Amazon, or AliExpress, or post it to public foru
DSO094 is the first two-channel member of JYE Tech oscilloscope family. It not only can work in commonly used Y/T mode but also work in Y/X mo
Характеристики dso 068 с сайта производителя Vertical Number of Channel: 1 Analog Bandwidth: 0 — 3MHz Sensitivity: 10mV/Div — 5V/Div Resolution: 8-bit Input Impedance: 1M ohm Maximum Input voltage: 50Vpk (for 1X probe) and 400Vpk (for 10X probe) Coupling: DC, AC,
DSO 068,"Meandr", тестовый прямоугольный сигнал настройки, что получилось настроить. Евгений Тыжнов DSO 068 DIY kit uses through-hole components as much as it can. This makes the scope unique among peers. With through-hole components the kit eases off the requirement of assembly skills and at the same time allows deeper user involveme
Some notes and video of my assembled JYETECH DSO068 handheld oscilloscope using a HTC Hero 4.7V battery. I'm satisfied with the product and recommend this to
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