Here are some answers to the questions we get asked about our workshops and parties!

Do you bring real live animals to the party / workshop?
Our animals are most definitely real and as you will see at the party / workshop they all have great personalities

Can the Children handle the animals?
Yes the Children can touch & hold all of the animals listed on the “Meet the Animals” page.

Where can I hold my Party?
You can have your party at home, either inside or outside depending on the weather.  A shaded area is needed outside if it is hot to protect the animals.  You can also hold a party at a venue, these include Church Halls, Community Centre’s, Scout / Guide Huts, Function Rooms etc

How many Children can attend a party / workshop?
A maximum of 35 Children can attend a party / workshop

How long does it take to set up?
It only takes around 10 minutes to set up.

How much space do you need at a party?
The animals are all in their travel boxes, we just need a table and enough space for the Children to sit comfortably. It depends on how many Children you invite to the party.  I have carried out parties in Living rooms, Kitchen’s, Conservatories, Play Room’s, Hallway’s and Gazebo’s

How many Children should I invite to my Child’s party?
This is entirely up to you.  I have carried out parties where the maximum amount of 35 Children have attended and I have also been to more intimate parties where just a few friends have been invited.  Both types of party work well, when there is a small number of Children, obviously each child gets more time with each animal.

Can I hold a workshop in the Classroom?
Yes you can hold a workshop in the School class, the Children can either stay at their desks and  I will move around them.  Or you can move the tables and the Children can sit in a circle.  Alternatively you can hold the workshop in the School hall if you prefer.