Workshops For EYFS AND KS1

Our school workshops are suitable for both EYFS and Key stage 1 children. listed below are a few of the topics that we can link in with. If you can not find the topic that fits in with what the children are learning about, try our very popular Pick and Mix workshop where you can choose the animals we bring along.  

*Currently Unavailable* Meet the Animals - Lola the Leopard Gecko. Leopard geckos are small lizards that derive their name from their spotted coloration. Adult females are about 18 to 20 cm in length and weigh about 50 to 70 grams, while adult male geckos are about 20 to 28 cm in length and weigh about 60 to 80 grams.

Animals around the world
Meet some of our amazing animals that are native to Australia, Africa, America and even the UK.


Classifying Animals
Meet a large selection of animals and find out what groups they belong to and why.

Meet The Animals - Gus The Fancy Mouse - Little Gus is the smallest of our mammals and quickly becoming one of our most popular!

Our Pet animal selection includes Rabbit, Guinea Pig, Chinchilla and a few more exotic pets too!
Learn how to care for them and lots of interesting facts about them.


Senses and Textures
Use your sense to find out about the animals. Learn what senses they need to be able to survive.


Nocturnal Animals
If you are reading Owl Babies or The Owl who was afraid of the dark, this workshop fits perfectly. Meet two very different Owls and all their night time friends!

Animal Parties & School Workshops - Animals Take Over

Day and Night
Not all animals are Nocturnal so find out why some animals are awake in the day while others prefer the dark! Includes our wonderful bearded dragon, Owls and many more of their amazing friends!


Rainforest / Jungle animals
The Rainforests are a bit too far away to go on a school trip, so why not bring some amazing Rainforest Animals to your school instead. Meet Giants Snails and Millipedes, Snake, Scorpion and always the teachers favourite, our amazing Sugar Gliders.


On safari in Africa
Meet our gang from Africa, learn about their habitats and what special adaptions they have to survive.


Our collection of invertebrate animals bring the Mini-beast topic to life. Paws, Claws and Whiskers
From the Sharp claws of the Barn Owl to the twitchy whiskers of the Mouse. Look at, touch and hold some of our Cute and Fluffy creatures!


Reptiles and Amphibians
The focus of this workshop is cold blooded creatures. Meet real life Lizards, a Frog, Snake and even a Tortoise.


Birds and Mammals
If you prefer the softer, warm blooded variety of animals, Birds and Mammals is for you.

Meet the Animals - Pixel the Guinea Pig - A member of the rodent family that is often kept as a pet.